Genesis 1: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Then God said, let the earth burst forth with every kind of tree...      ...then came Timberline... Timberline Scenery, as close to nature as it gets!!

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Welcome to the realistic world of

Timberline Scenery

Every Timberline Scenery product is

"Proudly Made in the U.S.A. or Not Made at All"

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Since the Spring of 1991, we have been making the most realistic miniature trees, ground cover, foliage, and other hobby products available. Our products are preferred by model railroading enthusiasts, gamers, dollhouse collectors, and many other hobbyists worldwide. Our trees are compatible with all sizes, not just N Scale, HO Scale, and O scale, like other brands. Whether you are into trains, planes, or automobiles, Timberline Scenery products will bring new realism to your model railroad layout, racecar set, or diorama.
For plastic trees, see our competition. For realism, there is one choice. . .
Timberline Scenery
"From the Forests of Colorado to You"
To our foreign customers
Please be advised that products with 'real' wood in them such as trees with real wood
trunks, Forest Floor, Deadfall, and Tree Stumps maybe stopped and held by your countries customs


on orders over $50!

In God We Trust


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